Friday, June 25, 2010

Cute... and free!

Who, may I ask, does not love that!?! Lizzy House, an awesome textile designer, kindly created some bookplates to share with the world. The designs are based on her latest fabric line: Castle Peeps. You can download them here. (There may even be a few references some of you fantasy nerds will appreciate : ) )

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Milan Bozic and Olive Editions

Hellllloooo my friends! Recently I ordered a copy of The Crying of Lot 49 and had it sent to Mr. Brandon as a little surprise (along with some fridge balls, which apparently have worked thus far to help keep his CSA goodies fresher longer). The cover was different than the version I ordered for myself a year or two ago, and I thought that the new version was pretty neat and unique. This week I was able to examine the paperback more closely and found that the illustrator responsible is Milan Bozic, whose website is pretty darn cool, though mostly under construction. I discovered that the book is indeed part of an edition realeased by Harper Perennial: the olive edition.
I forgot to take a photo of the spine, but I found this one floating around on the internets, at Out the Other's bookshelf:
Each book is $10, and rings true to the tag line "Look, they fit in your back pocket," with their petite size, it seems they would travel well, like a little moleskine. Once again, I show my affinity for bright and simple illustration.

I also like this cover by Bozic... yet another wise decision by Chabon (or his publishers):
I just love the world of book cover design. sigh.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hanging by the strip

Well, not reaaallllly, but I am waiting in the Las Vegas airport waiting to connect to Pittsburgh. There are slot machines everywhere, ringing and dinging and hogging all of the outlets. The colors and game designs made me want to look for some vintage vegas photos, so here you go! I love the faded but bright color pallets. As much as Vegas has expanded and grown and multiplied its led light displays, I feel like it has lost some of its glamor. What do you think? Click on photos for a link to source. 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movin' right along...

Hello amigos and amigas! I'm on the road again, or en-route on various flights, and returning from a fun and relaxing trip to see my friend Demee and her lovely family (and a heard of domesticated doggies) in North Carolina. It was a fun little getaway, during which i unfortunately did not take any pictures : ( But , I'll be putting up some new posts soon! 

In the mean time, enjoy a visit from this little snail and a thrift store friend he recently acquired. The shells are from a day trip to california and the leaves from the flowers brandon sent me a little ways back. 
Bunny Turtle buddies

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Belle and Boo Bunny Lovin'

I love bunnies and illustration and vintage things/inspiration, so this lovely little blog and shop fit in quite nicely with both of my interests. Belle and Boo (check out the cute animated shop banner) is the creation of Mandy Sutcliffe, and illustrator who puts plenty of imagination and charm in her artwork. Belle is her main bobbed girl and Boo's her bunny friend. The drawings and characters have a vintage charm about them, and, let's face it, that bunny is just adorable. Her blog chronicles her product line and placement, new creations and commissions, as well as her life and trips.
Belle and Boo one
Belle and Boo two
Belle and Boo four
Belle and Boo three
Belle and Boo five
Belle and Boo six
Belle and Boo seven
Belle and Boo eight
Belle and Boo nine
Belle and Boo ten
Belle and Boo eleven
And my favorite...
Belle and Boo twelve
I really would like one of those bunny pillows! If I ever get some spending money, I just may have to make it mine. Her drawings and blog are filled with bright, fun colors, and when I look at her illustration I feel my mind wander a bit to childhood. Her images almost tell a story, letting your imagination fill in the blanks. Take a look at her shop and blog to see (or purchase) more fun images.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mumford and Sons... an excellent listen.

I'm back, and I have some fun pictures to share! But until then, have a listen to this... recently, a good friend, who happens to have great taste in music, introduced me to Mumford and Sons. And, I quickly fell in love (don't worry Brandon, just with the music!). We were able to catch their show in Cleveland last week due to Allen's skillful Craig's listing. Have a listen! They make me tap my feet and local hippies go wild with arm-swinging and head-thrashing galore!

If you like what you hear, they're currently on tour in the U.S., though most of their shows are sold out, but if you take a leaf from Allen's book, you may find some floating around the internets. : )