Monday, January 25, 2010

How cool would this look... the corner of my room! I love this vintage patio chair, and wish I had the spare funds to make it mine. If only everyone would replace their ugly, faded, and deteriorated plastic deck chairs with these! If you're interested, I found it on Phoenix Craigs List.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A bit of design.

I haven't posted anything recently about designs I've liked, so guess what I'm doing today?! These Chop Shop designs and packaging keep popping up on my Ffffound. They're just so neat, that I needed to take a closer look!

When I clicked over to the studio site, I found that the minds behind this typographically pleasing packaging and iconic imagery call themselves Ptarmak, or PTMK. They're excellent at branding and have created some awesome logos, designs, packages and icons for big names like MTV, Kashi, Penguin, Full-Throttle and more. They call themselves "A new studio of designers, writers, artisans, and thinkers" and, frankly, their site and designs make me want to beg to become a member of this sure-to-be super-cool group. 
Here are some of my favorites...

Aren't they fun? They have a sort of old-school vibe, while being totally modern and clean-cut. I like the careful use of color as well. That "eat" logo is exceptionally clever and leaves me with that feeling of, "why can't I think of things like that?". 

Maybe PTMK is already a big name that everyone knows about? Perhaps? This is one of the things I hope to improve upon the more I immerse myself in design culture: recognition. I often find myself looking at things I love and realizing the beauty of an image but never taking note of who actually created the piece. So, without adopting the name-dropping habit of those annoying people you meet at parties (or maybe some of your friends?), I vow to pay more attention to the artists who are responsible for the beautiful and neat-o stuff in this world!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Doodle Dandy

Pattern Doll
Inspired by little Russian stacking dolls. Just a doodle. I'm trying to start practicing and using and thinking about pattern more often. I see so many designs and illustrations that are brought to a whole new level through use of pattern or texture.

Have a fabulous week!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Purse Project

This year I hoped to make most of my gifts for Christmas. And as often happens with lofty aspirations late in the season, I didn't quite achieve the "most," but I did create a few, and I was pretty pleased with those projects, including one that's still in the works. 

I'd like to share this little project that I worked on for a wonderful friend as part of our Secret holiday exchange. Since my friend is a beautiful and stylish city-girl, I decided that a cute little clutch might be something fun to add to her mix of accessories, and I think she agreed! 

I forgot to take a picture, so Lindsey graciously sent along a shot. The project was fun and fairly straight-forward despite my not sewing for awhile, and I added my own little embellishments to jazz it up. You can find the pattern here if you'd like to give it a go yourself! The tutorial for the rosettes I added to the bag seemed a little involved at first glance, but in the end they weren't too difficult to make. I also sewed on a little loop to connect a strap to (I found some pretty chain and a clip at the surplus fabric store to make the strap instead of using the same fabric, and it can be detached for a different look!).

The purse should actually have more pleats at the top, but I sewed my top seam a little too low, and they pulled out. But, overall, I think the results were just fine, and I think she enjoyed this springy little clutch!

If anyone else tries this, I would love to see some pictures or hear how you personalized the project! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365

I stumbled upon Project 365 through a few blogs and twitter. It showed up on my screen so many times that it seemed that I was destined to join, or something, so I did! The Project 365 flickr group asks photographers to post a new photo each day, and it's fun to see what everyone dreams up and experiences on a daily basis. 

1/365 FridgeFright
My photo for today isn't all that exciting, but I figure that taking pictures of everyday objects/events will help me develop more of an eye for light and composition as well as any exciting photo adventure would. So here's to taking more photos and finding interest everywhere during the New Year! This should help me with my goals of having an all-around more creative year and inspire me to work on other projects too. I mean, even if this isn't the best photo ever, it would make a pretty cool illustration! (Jotting in the idea book now!) Maybe you should give it a whirl? I'll be interested to see all of my photos at the end of the year and whether or not my skills have sharpened. 
1/365 FridgeFright

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh people.

Well I promised doodles, but I didn't promise they'd be awesome. So here's one, like that. 
A little doodle while waiting in the airport while attempting to travel to the Cleve.

More on a little photo project tomorrow.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Edits and Updates

Hello! I just edited the New Years poster I posted below. The color was just a bit too light, because sometimes it's very difficult to tell what's "just right" on my laptop.  Let me know if you'd like me to post other colors!

I also opened and tied a flicker account to Doodle, so you'll be able to click on each photo for larger views, and the blog photos will all be accessible in one place. Yay! You can also view a mini-feed of my recent flickr uploads in the upper-right corner of the blog (both blog-photo updates and other photos I may not post here).

New York Holiday Decor
Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful time and were as lucky as I was to be surrounded by friends and loved ones.

<3 <3 <3

Also, Yay for Helvetica being available on blogger!