Thursday, June 10, 2010

Belle and Boo Bunny Lovin'

I love bunnies and illustration and vintage things/inspiration, so this lovely little blog and shop fit in quite nicely with both of my interests. Belle and Boo (check out the cute animated shop banner) is the creation of Mandy Sutcliffe, and illustrator who puts plenty of imagination and charm in her artwork. Belle is her main bobbed girl and Boo's her bunny friend. The drawings and characters have a vintage charm about them, and, let's face it, that bunny is just adorable. Her blog chronicles her product line and placement, new creations and commissions, as well as her life and trips.
Belle and Boo one
Belle and Boo two
Belle and Boo four
Belle and Boo three
Belle and Boo five
Belle and Boo six
Belle and Boo seven
Belle and Boo eight
Belle and Boo nine
Belle and Boo ten
Belle and Boo eleven
And my favorite...
Belle and Boo twelve
I really would like one of those bunny pillows! If I ever get some spending money, I just may have to make it mine. Her drawings and blog are filled with bright, fun colors, and when I look at her illustration I feel my mind wander a bit to childhood. Her images almost tell a story, letting your imagination fill in the blanks. Take a look at her shop and blog to see (or purchase) more fun images.

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