Friday, May 28, 2010


Goodbye Ohio...

Hello Phoenix. 

Two totally different but pretty cool places. 

Posts may be more sporadic this week (not that that's anything
entirely new), as my dad and I are roadtripping it up across the continental u.s.!

If anyone knows of some must-see spots along the way, please do tell! We're probably taking the middle route, which is the fastest at (only) 2,050 miles and includes some combination of something like 70, 44, 40, and the 17 from Cleveland to Phoenix.

It should be fun, and I'll try to take some cool pictures along the way! Maybe I'll be able to capture and explain what it is about the hills of New Mexico that make me love them so. Perhaps then people won't look at me funny when I say just that. Wish me luck! 

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