Thursday, May 20, 2010

A quick little project...

Brandon's dvd display/rack has driven me nuts for a while now. It's a nice display, but that calendar sign on top was not-so-pretty and made it look like the scavenged floor-model it was. So, when I last visited, I got crafty while he was at class. Here's the super-simple improvement...


Calendar-dvd rack: Before
and After:
Calendar-dvd rack: After
Calendar-dvd rack: After
It's just a simple little improvement that, I think, made the stand look more like a modern dvd display than a cast-off. And, bonus(!), I think he likes it! haha. For the images I pulled up a youtube clip of an old movie reel and screen-grabbed the individual numbers. They look a little grainy, but it gives it that old movie feel. I measured the sign, created a photoshop document the same size and dropped in the images. Then I printed them out, trimmed them up and dropped them into the slots. Have you done any little improvements like this on found or thrifted (or scavenged) items? Immediate results are nice sometimes : )


  1. thats super cool! Definitely an awesome way to snazz up a dvd rack!

  2. Thanks Jon! I think it's a bit of an improvement : )