Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A past adventure and cool signs!

Awhile back I visited Bar Harbor, Maine with Brandon and some friends. While we were there we stumbled upon the A&B Cafe, which was right around the corner from our house. This little whole-food type cafe has some delicious smoothies, but what made me smile more than the smoothies were the hand-lettered and quirky drawn signs posted throughout the store. Have a peek...
A&B Cafe Sign
A&B Cafe Signage
A&B Cafe Muffins Sign
A&B Cafe Berries Sign
A&B Cafe Produce Sign
A&B Cafe fruit Sign
A&B Cafe Mushrooms Sign
A&B Cafe Cat Sign
A&B Cafe Sneaky Sign

And my personal favorite...

A&B Cafe Flavor Sign

I really enjoy the simple stylized animal illustrations, and the one with the alligator just cracks me up. Displays like these are one of the reasons I love going into little markets and stores. They help remind you that there are people behind the products we buy and that not everything has to be super structured and uniform to communicate information. Plus the little signs add color to the store and emphasis the palette that's already there.



  1. haha Rachel's wonder muffins beaver is the best!

  2. Aww I am so happy I wondered across you blog! I used to shop at A&B all the time when I was living in BH. They sold the best local (unpasterized!) milk and yogurt. I really miss it!