Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little Japan

A few weeks back I promised some photos from Japan, and I have yet to post them! So here are a few. It was difficult to narrow down the choices and also sad to look at them because so many were out of focus due to my dirty UV filter. Sad face. But it was still an awesome trip with a few good photos and many good times. Click on photos for descriptions (in flickr). Notice all of the color! 
Yamaha Shop
Subway Stop
Indoor Cherry Blossom
In Our Room
Dressed up outside the Kawasaki Daishi Shrine
Dressed up outside the Kawasaki Daishi Shrine (back)
amusement park nestled outside Dressed up outside the Kawasaki Daishi Shrine
Shibuya Crosswalk
Harujuku Entrance
Colors on the Street
These are some more general pictures. Later, I'll follow up with food and tokyo tower adventure photos and a fun pattern entry. If you like color and cute things and crazy foods, you should definitely consider visiting Japan. I wish I had taken more photos of people, because the girls have this pretty feminine and frilly style that I love. But they are tiny, so they can pull off all of those flouncey layers. 


  1. I really like the one of the girls walking! That could be in a magazine or something.