Monday, May 17, 2010

Colors, Books and Spaces.

I love books and I love colors, so these spaces are really exciting! Someday (soon), I'd love to have a large shelf or wall space devoted to a growing book collections.

I love this whole room so much!

How about you? Do you like amassing books, or are they just clutter to you? Or do you enjoy the large coffee table version (I have some of those too, hehe)?

Right now, my books are in stacks along the perimeter of my wall, waiting for me to get my butt in gear and do my bookshelf revamp! Hopefully I'll do that soon...



  1. having a huge book collection would be awesome!I like a lot of old children's books because of the awesome illustrations as well as old books with informational graphics.

  2. Some older infographics books crack me up! Recently I found a book called little country things, and it has the cutest illustrations for each item. I'll have to post an entry about it! I really wish I owned more design books too. So many of them are super-inspirational, but also a little overwhelming.

  3. Have you seen this Tumblr blog? Lots of great eye candy.

  4. Thanks Ruby! That Tumblr is pretty great, and it makes me swoon for great bookshelves even more!